market research

Adopting the draft on the shoulders nobo, we begin by examining the environment, as well as a thorough analysis of the market. Based on the collected data of all analytical work out together with the client (because we like to talk) marketing strategies and business decisions, and it is to make the best fit in the gap that exists on the home market.

Why market research is so important and beneficial for each brand?

• reduce the risk for the new brand, brand investment
• I become strong competition for companies
• selection of appropriate target audience
• develop a suitable marketing strategy
• accurate selection of brand communication
• saving time and cost your company
• Additional financial benefits of expanding the market offer

competitor analysis

After studies begin the meticulous analysis of competition going there once beyond the borders of our country.

We analyze, analyze and analyze again what is the weak point of our business rivals ?, where they have gone and why ?, what distinguishes them ?, how they look, how they communicate with custaomers, and even what they looked like before.

Everything is done to our customer had in black and white what is happening around its brand. We, however, unfolded competition on the prime factors, we are able to develop specific marketing channels and determine where and how we will attack the market for our ideas.

audits websites

For the site was getting to potential customers must be properly constructed. Lengthy page loading time for large size prints, no description pages for Google, inappropriate content, poorly chosen keywords... are only part of the problems that make the interested customers do not get to our side, and we badly compare to competitors' sites. Execution of a professional audit of the page will allow us to present problems on the proposed facilities and the changes that will positively affect the functionality and positioning of the page. For each problem in the audit presented a suggested solution.

SEO Audits are performed based on current marketing trends and guidelines corporations Google and are transmitted in the form of convenient to read files PDF or DOC.

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