corporate identity

When you combine beauty with utility created a space called visual identification. It includes consistent with the values of the brand logo, representative of the logo, color palette and suitable shapes and pinch creative plan. All this will give your brand name, face and character. We guarantee that you will stand out from the others and proudly served at every stage of the company.

In addition, we design the necessary advertising materials, and even take care of printing them.


The image is the image of the brand by our customers after transmission which sends the company. The idea is to brand image consistent with our identity, that is, how we want to be perceived. The image also has a huge impact on our reputation or good name of the company. An important factor supporting the image, the reputation of the brand communication is the tone and strategy.

By introducing a new brand on the market, we offer: • strategy of brand communication • Creation of a new whole image of the brand, product, service (logo, colors, name, letterhead and other necessary promotional materials) • Naming - to create appropriate names of products, services, companies • Rebranding - change or modification of the existing corporate image, brand, service, with a fresh innovative compatible with the values and mission of the company


Our creative writers create original advertising slogans, skillfully choose their words consistent with the values ​​and mission of the company. They create engaging content on a Web site or edits existing content for SEO (positioning). In addition they invent product names, brand names, take care of activity in the media by writing press releases, articles. Anything to make you take the pen has become in the eyes of customers professionalism and distinctive image.

sales platforms

We create websites that allow you to operate on the Internet all kinds of commercial activities. In addition, we create long-term sales strategies tailored to the specific business customers (B2C) and business (B2B). Our shops Internet is distinguished by unique graphics, appropriate communication, as well as useful and intuitive user path. All this translates into high sales agent. Using the CMS system we are able to put advanced modules depending on your needs.

Well-prepared technological base ensures safety and comfort in use eShop.

web sites

Each website is nothing more than a business card posted on the Internet. It is geared toward direct contact with the customer or a potential customer. Creating websites, we focus on:

• unique design
• thought-out strategy
• unique communication consistent with the company's values
• intuitive and functional navigation
• interactive tools
• easy to use CMS system
• long-term care full-service

Additionally, our clients receive effective marketing solutions: a well-developed strategy, campaign, communication, compatible with the brand. All of these factors in the future will determine how quickly the customer will benefit from the offer.

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