marketing strategy

The resource obtained by researchers and data analysts allows our strategists to develop a specific media plan and building a stable marketing strategy of the brand. Always we create individual strategies corresponding to the designated purposes, which ultimately lead to the acquisition of new customers, increase sales, and make existing customers will benefit from the services of the company. Preparing a detailed and well-planned media plan, using the appropriate advertising tools tailored to the desired target group, creating a unique corporate image consistent with the brand values ​​and will make, it will be recognizable, yet memorized. In addition, a good marketing ploy is also positioning of pages in Google, so being in high positions, visit our website more than competitive.

Business Consulting

Finishing the project does not abandon our clients, contrary realize them new goals through our advice or consultation. We help in making customs decisions that translate into increased sales and profits. Our conversation begins with the patient to listen to problems or ideas of customers. We collect all of this, we return to research and analysis to the next meeting jointly take the path that best meets the expectations of the customer and realizes their goals at 100%. Through our business consulting Your company will save valuable time, which can translate to extend the offer or to catch new business partner. At each stage of the project we are at your disposal - keep an eye on, because we are aware that new media are so quick that dialogue is obvious.

ePR (Social media, campaigns on-line)

Your customers have long are present on the Internet. They are seeking information about the product advising the public opinion. New media took over the baton in this area through a number of forums, Social media and all kinds of news industry to communicate with customers and each other recipients commenting, praising, recommending proven products. Therefore nobo not forget Public Relations on the Internet. Using active sites are trying to influence the opinion of potential customers and build a positive brand image, the company's service or esklpeu the Internet.

Depending on customer requests we select the right tools include:

Social media:

We enter into a real dialogue and provide specific information about a product, brand, in order to build a brand image as pleasant as possible. Such actions are able to lead the whole social sphere: Facebook, NK, Twitter, etc. We realize competitions, advertise in a way nienachalany products. We create engaging games, and useful applications. We are active throughout the period established operations.

Campaigns on-line:

planning and comprehensively serve the broad advertising campaigns. Starting with the positioning of the website on the Internet to the query in the Google brand, product sprang on a high spot, e-mail marketing, display (campaign odsłonowa banner), and ending with a custom form of promotion like. Viral marketing (short bearing shares that engage audiences). After the nobo must come up with creative media planning and monitoring of the entire campaign.

Seo Services:

SEO side affects primarily its traffic. Research shows that 90% of site traffic comes from search engines like Google. Nowadays It is common that to find the information they are looking for use search engines, and pages that appear in the top positions are the leaders in the industry and have the greatest merit.

Positioning is action aimed at launching our site on the first position, so as to lure her potential customers and get them interested in your offer. If our party is on the 1st page of Google in relation to the number of visitors that if she were on the sides of the can further be incomparably higher, and thus also the chance to take advantage of our services goes up. Many companies positioning penalized with the errors such as the use of prohibited techniques by Google, which usually ends deletion of our site with Google or imposing on it so. filter. To this did not happen, and your money have not gone down the drain is required daily care site and unusual delicacy actions.

To positioning campaign was carried out optimally and were satisfied with its results, make valuation on the basis of the real costs of execution, not a stable pricing, which usually has no effect, or the need for subsequent budget changes. Our positioning campaigns run optimally, safely and efficiently, so you have a quiet conscience, and we we take care of everything.

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